A New Paradigm

As welcome to end of 2021 and slowly but surely realize that we cannot go back to what we considered was “normal,” we hope this next month will be a time of reflection about what is meaningful in our lives. No doubt we have learned many lessons during the pandemic, lessons we hope will help us create a “new paradigm.”

The Greater Richmond Area has many wonderful Holistic practitioners and vendors and people who are conscious of a holistic way of life. SPIRITMINDBODY-RVA is pleased to be a sponsor for the RVA HOLISTIC XPO to focus our energies for 2022 on holistic practices that nourish our spirits, minds & bodies. The XPO will be a mini-exposition, but we invite all who would like to share your stories to become a speaker or practitioner at future SPIRITMINDBODY Gatherings. Let’s build our community! Life can be messy…it can also be fun, especially when we unite together.

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