The Benefits of Laughter Yoga

Learning to laugh might sound like an odd lesson, but… we embraced it whole-heartedly at the SPIRITMINDBODY June Gathering. Led by Slash Coleman, Laughter Ambassador and Laughter Yoga Teacher, I faked it until I made it. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds – at least, for me, but soon I was in the swing of things and I laughed so hard that I cried. Then… I released some pent up emotional energies and laughed some more. And who knew laughter could burn calories? Carole

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Slash. Ha ha ha, ho ho ho! Yeah!

If you missed the Gathering, you can watch the video on our Facebook page.

To learn more, go to Laughter Yoga Richmond

Laughter Yoga with Slash Coleman

SPIRITMINDBODY is pleased to have Slash Coleman join us for the July Gathering on July 11, 2020. He will show us the benefits of Laughter Yoga to help us reduce stress.

Slash Coleman, MAed, Laughter Ambassador & Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, (best known as the author of “The Bohemian Love Dairies” and the writer behind dozens of off-beat storytelling shows) is the founder of Laughter Yoga Richmond and RVA Laugh Club. In 2019, he was invited to Laughter Yoga University in Bangalore, India where he was presented with the prestigious Laughter Ambassador award by Dr. Madan Kataria, the founder and originator of the worldwide Laughter Yoga Movement. Described as passionate, generous, and quirky, he currently splits his time between writing, leading laughter yoga sessions and working in his family’s business, Tinkers, as both an upholsterer and art conservator. For more information about Slash Coleman, go to

For more information about the July Gathering, go to our Events page.

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