Simple Ideas for Coping and Balancing

Over the past 10 months since COVID-19 19 came to visit, change has been never ending. Figuring out ways to navigate outside in the world with caution as well as maintaining a safe home is ongoing. I can imagine how other world events like the Great Depression, terrorist activity, wars, and natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes impacted and traumatized people for the rest of their lives.

The stress we are all experiencing now may have an effect on us even after we are able to resume our activities. Yes, I am grateful for all that I have and ways I’ve grown, yet when our world once again feels easier, and I’ll probably keep most of the coping habits that I’ve learned and practice for a long time to come. 

Planting and Gardening 

Calling friends often 


Cleaning and decluttering 

Online chats and meetings and work 

Cleaning the fridge more often 

Learning new things 

Pampering myself 

Making special meals on occasions 


Ordering online when possible 

Staying stocked up 

Keeping a cheerful attitude 

Exercising at home (along with YouTube) 

Shopping smarter 

Washing hand often and thoroughly 

Using parks and community resources  

Celebrating in new ways 

Trying new recipes 

Learning to work from home 

Shopping differently; avoiding weekend shopping if possible 

Puzzles and games  

Buying more consciously 

Meditating and reducing stress 

Practicing gratitude, compassion and forgiveness 

Carla Geddes is an educator and certified life coach who partners with women over fifty to help them make desired change. As a result of working together, women enjoy more clarity, balance, control and energy. Carla leads a monthly Meetup group, Life in Balance, Richmond, VA. She also offers private group programs and one-on-one coaching opportunities.  

Contact Carla at 

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