Positivity for a Healthy Functioning Immune System

by Carla Geddes


Experts are telling us that optimizing our immune system involves more than one factor. The immune system is a complex, integrated system needing generous amounts of sleep, exercise, sunshine, water, social connections, nutrition, and a healthy gut, while we manage our stress, negative thinking, and eliminate toxins. 

If you are like me, you may find some days have been easier than others to handle during this unprecedented, changing world. Sometimes I feel “up” and energized and other times…not so much. It is those “down” times we may want to choose to do extra nice things for ourselves to feel better just as if we were trying to help our best friend. Here are a few simple ideas to give yourself an emotional lift.

1. Listen to happy, hopeful music like, ” Here Comes the Sun”, ” Don’t Stop Believing,” ” I Will Survive,” Any upbeat music you love will work. Dancing helps too!

2. Think of what you are grateful for. In fact, make yourself a list and keep it handy as a reminder when you need it. Perhaps you may want to put each thought individually on an index card then pick one from your deck to think about.

3. Think of times you felt the happiest in life. Pretend that your brain has a room in it like an art gallery where you hang pictures of your happiest scenes. Visit it whenever you want to.

4. Do some fire breathing to get more oxygen into your blood. (Find out how to do it safely so you do not hyperventilate). Get up and move, move, move.

5. Smile for 20 seconds.

6. Laugh out loud. YouTube has samples of Laughter Yoga to join in with.

7. Work on your dreams and goals. Take one step towards realizing it.

8. Be of service to someone. Do something nice for someone. Connect with someone.

9. Gently tap your fingers for 10 minutes up and down your arms and legs, around your face and neck, then on your shoulders, collar bone and upper back to stimulate the acupressure points.

10. Do something you love to do. Schedule an activity into your day. (Perhaps it would be best not to eat that piece of chocolate cake.)

You do not have do all of these at once but keep some of your favorites in your back pocket and use them to nourish yourself.  

P.S.  Let me know of any great tips you might have so I can share them with others. 


Carla Geddes partners with women over fifty to help them make desired change. As a result of working together, women enjoy more clarity, balance, control, and energy. Look for Carla’s upcoming programs which will be posted here and on the spiritmindbody-rva Facebook page. To work with her one on one, contact Carla at ipcoaching_cg@verizon.net.

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